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Wedding Photography
by Rebecca Eubanks


Photographing weddings is all about making the bride and groom feel comfortable and excited about their special day, and capturing beautiful and timeless images that are positively unique. I tell our clients that we specialize in making their day exactly how they want. We do not use the same style or poses at each wedding; we customize our shoots according to our clients’ personalities and styles, making their photos and experience entirely and uniquely them. Having fun, feeling relaxed, and capturing all of those spectacular shots is key to fabulous wedding photography.

When photographing weddings and scheduling your shoot it’s important to make sure plenty of time is allotted for all of the must-have shots. You don’t want the shoot or experience to feel in any way rushed or stressful. Your clients’ wedding day is all about having fun, feeling great, and celebrating their love with friends and family.

It is also important to know what your bride and groom want to show through their photos. What are their personalities? Interests? What kind of photos are they picturing when they open their wedding album? Sunset photos? Evening shots? First Glance moments? Mapping out your plan of action for their wedding day -making sure plenty of time (and the right time) is allotted for particular shots, having an idea of where and how you want to best capture their personalities and love on camera- will make you, and your clients, feel well prepared, stress-free, and make for a very fun time!

Here are some tips and an example of a typical wedding schedule of ours that we’ve found to be quite helpful over the years.

Timing & Scheduling
First, let’s talk about timing. Allowing enough time to get ready is vital to making sure all of those must-have photos can be shot. Almost all delays are due to the bride not taking enough time for her hair and make-up. We highly suggest using a professional make-up artist and hair stylist, as they’ll give the photos that extra depth and pop that we all want. It’s also a great idea to have your bride schedule a hair and make-up trial before the big day. She will want to know that she loves her look and has plenty of time to tweak the style if she likes. Allotting at least three hours for hair and make-up is optimal, so your bride has plenty of time to look exactly how she wants without feeling rushed.

Once the prep time is scheduled you need to think about those must-have shots and the best time to take them. Are your bride and groom thinking about sunset or evening photos? Everything comes back to timing so you will want to take into consideration natural light, the desired photo atmospheres, and your bride and groom’s schedule. That brings us to natural light.

Natural Light, Evening & Sunset Shots
Natural light is very important for stunning photographs. Take the natural lighting / timing of the day and evening into consideration when planning prep time. You will want to shoot approximately 90% of your photos in natural light, plus a few possible sunset or night shots that give the album a nice variety. Night time photos are fun and hip, and a special extra!

We suggest that you reserve at least one hour with the couple to shoot their special shots in premium natural light. For the wedding party we recommend approximately 30 minutes to one hour. Plenty of time and natural light will make your photos stunning!

If sunset photos are desired, then carefully planning the day’s schedule is essential. Having plenty of time to capture these one-of-a-kind shots, and staying relaxed, stress-free, and having fun is important.

The First Glance
One of our favorite wedding ops to shoot are the First Glances. This is the best decision a couple can make on their wedding day! It is a wonderful and intimate time to have together before the ceremony. Your bride and groom will have the luxury of utilizing the entire venue and not worrying about dodging guests or having guests take photos which can slow the shoot down and interrupt the special moment.

Some couples, however, may opt for the traditional and don’t want to steal a first glance before the ceremony. If this is the case then we definitely recommend a cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception. Having a designated and relaxed “couple only” time for intimate photos is important.

Off Camera Lighting
Lastly, but most importantly, we stress the importance of Off Camera Lighting. Every bride and groom wants to look their absolute best on their wedding day and Off Camera Lighting is key to making that happen. Regardless of the time of day or night, Off Camera Lighting makes your subjects look brilliant! My studio knows the importance and value of Off Camera Lighting in all settings. It gives your photos extra depth and clarity, which is why we always use Off Camera Lighting for all of our images, regardless of the time of day or night.

Artworks Tulsa Photography Schedules a Wedding Shoot

3:30 Getting Ready
We highly recommend that all professional hair and make up be finished once you arrive. My studio will shoot some “getting ready” photos, such as photographing the gown, the bridesmaids helping the bride get dressed, and even some make-up touch-ups.

4:15 The First Glance
During this intimate moment we stay off to the sides and let the happy couple have their sweet moment together, while capturing those priceless images.

4:30 Bride and Groom Photos

5:30 Wedding Party Photos

6:30 Hide the Bride
After 1.5 – 2 hours of formal shots you’ll want to hide the bride from the guests before the ceremony. Making sure you have plenty of time to do this and capture all of the photos that you want before guests begin to arrive is important.

7:00 Ceremony

7:30 Family Photos
Immediately following the ceremony you will want to take the Family Photos.

8:00 Grand Entrance to Reception and First Dance
We love it when the couple enters and goes straight into their first dance. It’s so romantic!

Other memorable shots include Parent Dances, Food / Mingle / Visit with Guests, Cake Cutting, Toasts, Dancing, and Garter and Bouquet Tosses.

Grand Exit or “Faux Exit?”
Those classic Grand Exit shots are brilliant! We think every couple should include the send-off / run-to-the-getaway-car images in their photo album. Night time photos with the venue glowing in the background and the guests bidding the newlyweds farewell with sparklers is very romantic!

If your bride and groom don’t want to leave at a specific time but want to complete their photos with a grand send-off from their guests, then we suggest the “Faux Exit.” Have your bride and groom set aside some time for the “Faux Exit,” snap the spectacular moment, then have the bride and groom head back into their reception to party and dance the night away!

Rebecca Eubanks is a professional wedding and portrait photographer, and owner of Artworks Tulsa Photography, a leading Oklahoma photographer for over 10 years.

Rebecca began her training in 1998 and graduated from college in 2002 with a degree in Photography and Communications. Since 1999, Rebecca has been shooting weddings with a full sorority of girls getting married. Artworks Tulsa Photography now shoots over 60 weddings a year and absolutely loves it! Wedding photography is a passion of Rebecca’s and her team at Artworks, promising to “Turn your day into a work of ART!”

With Artworks Tulsa Photography not only do you get high quality photography, a fun experience, and excellent service, but your artistic photos are expertly customized with special effects conducive to the atmosphere and flare of the event, capturing each bride and groom’s unique style. For more information and photos of what Artworks is all about visit their website and blog. For the latest from Artworks be sure to “Like” them on Facebook: Artworks Tulsa Photography.

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