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Westcott Spiderlite TD6 Parabolic Umbrella Kit
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Westcott Spiderlite TD6 Parabolic Umbrella Kit
Product ID: W1211C
Manufacturer: Westcott
Price: $499.90

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Huge daylight light source.
The new 1200-watt Spiderlite TD6 paired with the 7' Silver Parabolic Umbrella is an amazing combination providing a huge daylight light source. Packed with punch, the silver interior umbrella is an ideal pair with the soft natural output of the daylight fluorescent lamps. The added BONUS diffusion front for the Parabolic Umbrella offers even softer results and can also be ideally paired with Strobes or Speedlites. Spiderlite TD6 with 50-watt lamps provides 1200 equivalent watts of true daylight power. Three switches on the back of the light head allow lamps to be run in pairs of 2, 4 or 6 allowing you to adjust power. All—metal construction, 180-degree rotation and built in adapter ring ensure years of quality. The 7' Parabolic is designed to incorporate a solid metal shaft with steel insert for added strength and durability. The shaft is tapered to 7mm to fit European style lights. Custom-built 50-watt fluorescent lamps are full spectrum, true daylight color and rated for use up to 8,000 hours.

The Spiderlite TD6.
Three separate controls allow the ability to adjust light output, without changing color temperature. With an adjustable rheostat, every time adjustments are made, color temperature can shift greatly. By utilizing these switches, your color stays constant which means you are only white balancing your camera once! (Each switch controls 2 lamps)

All metal construction.
The Spiderlite TD6 is constructed of all-metal, no plastic to break.

Reflective surface.
The surface was intentionally designed to be highly reflective maxizing light output. Any light that is projected back towards the light base is bounced off the silver surface and projected forward for maximum efficiency.

Built in adapter ring.
No need for additional brackets as this unit incorporates a built in adapter ring. Simply insert the soft box rods into the four openings. For easier set up, one softbox rod insertion point is cut out at the top. This allows the last soft box rod to simply slide into place.

180-degree rotation.
Using the oversized handle and lock-down turn knob, rotate the light head 180-degrees and turn your softbox from a vertical to horizontal position in seconds.

15' extra long power cord.
No need for additional extension cords as this unit comes standard with an extra long 15' power cord.

Included tilter bracket.
The included tilter bracket allows the Spiderlite to be tilted to precise angles.

Inline switch.
Power the unit on and off through the UL-approved heavy duty cord switch.

• 1200 watts of daylight power
• Large beautiful light source
• Included fluorescent lamps
• All metal construction
• 180-degree rotation

What’s in the Box
• Spiderlite TD6
• Tilter Bracket
• (6) 50-watt Daylight Balanced Fluorescent Lamps
• 7' Silver Parabolic Umbrella
• Parabolic White Diffusion Front
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