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Westcott 40-Degree Egg Crate Grid for 43" Apollo Orb
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Westcott 40-Degree Egg Crate Grid for 43" Apollo Orb
Product ID: W2472
Manufacturer: Westcott
Price: $69.90

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Grids are made up of cells that control off-axis light in 4 directions while still maintaining the soft quality you want from a large light source. By focusing light through a grid, you eliminate both light spill and lens flare simultaneously for precise illumination.

By allowing you to perfectly focus your light source on a defined area, grids are the essential accessory for your hair light or rim light. When modified with a grid and softbox, your light can illuminate your subject from behind without light spilling onto your backdrop to gain stunning dimension and depth in your portraiture.

A 40-degree grid is the most popular choice for photographers and filmmakers, allowing for precise light control with limited loss of light. Light loss at the center axis is minimal, even at a distance 3 to 4 times the diagonal of the softbox. This typically results in losing less than 1/4-stop.

Our 40-degree Grids easily attach to the front of your softbox with ultra-durable Velcro™ material Apollo softboxes are designed with a recessed edge, giving you the ability to use your diffusion panel and 40-degree grid simultaneously.

These soft, compact grids collapse down instantly for streamlined travel and storage in their included bag.

• Further control light spill and flare with your 43" Apollo Orb softbox
• Attaches to softbox instantly with heavy-duty touch fastener
• Can be used with or without the Apollo diffusion panel
• Durable lightweight construction
• Collapses instantly into included case for easy travel and storage
• Must-have softbox accessory for studio photography and filmmaking
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