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ProMediaGear VSMDC1 Motor Control System for PMG-DUO Sliders
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ProMediaGear VSMDC1 Motor Control System for PMG-DUO Sliders
Product ID: VSMDC1
Manufacturer: ProMediaGear
Price: $549.95

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Quickly transform your PMG-DUO Slider with 3-Wheel (VC2) Carriage into a motorized beast with the #VSMDC1 DC Motor and Controller. The motor installs with (1) 1/4-20 bolt directly to the carriage body and features (2) anti-rotation guide pins. The motor is a friction wheel motor in which the wheel runs on the outside of the track without bands or cables. We mounted the motor directly to the carriage rather than the end of the slider track to allow you to easily remove the entire carriage and "flip" your track when desired from Curved to Straight. The motor / controller combination has (3) main feature function. (1) Time Lapse (2) Loop (3) Video. Each function is explained in detail below.

The controller connects to the motor with a mini XLR connection that comes apart in seconds for transportation and runs on (3) AA Batteries (not included).

(1) Time Lapse Function
The controller offers a timelapse function that allows you to set the interval time delay from 1 second to 300 seconds and then the distance to travel from .02mm to 999cm.

The controller is equipped with a sync cable port that will trigger your camera. (optional accessory)

** Note. You must make sure that the shutter release time is < the time you have selected for the time delay or you will get blur.

To set the function up it's very intuitive. Using the left MODE knob dial around counter clockwise until the screen starts to show the Int, / Jmp, settings. If you continue to dial counter clockwise you set the interval time.

Then using the right knob set your distance to travel. You may select the unit to go left or right after the interval time.

Many of today's cameras don't require a trigger sync cable. However, if necessary insert the 2.5mm cable into the controller. After the slider makes its interval move the camera will be triggered.

(2) Loop Mode
Place the left knob into the up / middle position on the controller. The screen will say LOOP. Using the right knob select your speed and direction.

When the slider "bumps" or hits anything it will automatically reverse and go the other direction infinitely until the battery dies.

** Note. Optional AC power supply available. Estimated Run Time on AA = 3-5 hours (moderate load / level surface)

(3) Speed Control
Moving the MODE knob until clockwise all the way to the bottom right. The screen will say VIDEO

Control the speed of the motor and direction using the right knob. The speed goes from 0 - 100.

** Note. When the unit is in this mode and hits the end of the slider or a stop point the motor is NOT aware and will continue to slip and spin. You must manually shut off the motor.

Motor / Controller Features
• Easy to install and operate
• Attaches on any PMG-DUO Slider with VC2 (3) Wheel Carriage
• Intervalometer (Time-Lapse) / Loop / Video Modes
• Optional Sync Cable Attachment
• Operates on (3) AA Batteries
• Run Time = 3-5 hours (Continuous Loop / Level Surface / Moderate Load) ** Optional AC Power Supply Available
• Time Lapse = 8-10 hours depending on load
• Belt Free Design. Allows you to Quickly "Flip" Carriage from Straight to Curve Slider Side

Camera Remote Shutter Connection Cables Available:
• CE3 - E3 Plug 2.5mm
• Canon Rebel Cameras like 600D, 700D, T5i, T6i etc
• Canon Powershot G1x, G10-12
• Pentax: 645D, ist D, ist DL, ist DL2, ist DS, ist DS2, K-30, K-5, K-5 II, K-5 IIs, K-50, K-500, K-7, K-m, K10 Grand Prix, K100D, K100D Super, K10D, K1 10D, K200D, K20D, MZ-6, MZ-L, ZX-L
• Samsung: GX-1L, GX-1S, GX-20, NX-10, NX-100, NX-11, NX-5
• SD1, SD1 Merrill, SD15, D1, Sigma SD1 Merrill, Sigma SD15
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