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Phottix Juno Manual Hot Shoe Flash
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Phottix Juno Manual Hot Shoe Flash
Product ID: PH80363
Manufacturer: Phottix
Price: $109.95

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The Juno Transceiver Flash is a single-point, manual flash with all the features and functionality photographers need to get their job done, no matter what their camera system. The Juno works with Canon, Nikon, Sony (MIS), Pentax, Panasonic, Fuji and Olympus camera systems. It offers a guide number of 58 and is adjustable in 1/3 stop increments from 1/128th to full power. An intuitive command dial and backlit LCD display makes working with the Juno fast and easy.

Built-In Transceiver Triggering
Built into the Juno is all the power and cutting-edge technology of the recently released Phottix Ares II Flash Trigger. When set to Transmitter Mode Juno can trigger other nearby Juno flashes or any strobe or speedlight attached to compatible Phottix trigger receivers. Receiver mode allows Juno to be triggered by another Juno flash or an Ares II Trigger.

This Transceiver function brings with it all the latest and greatest Phottix technology -2.4 GHz, 1 00m+ range sporting 16 channels, four groups and Phottix's Digital ID function.

Rounding out the triggering - the Juno is also compatible with other Phottix flash trigger systems and has two built-in optical slave modes - a traditional optical slave mode as well as a TTL pre-flash delay mode.

Part of the Phottix Manual Ecosystem
In keeping with their holistic approach to product development, Juno was created to be compatible with the full line of Phottix products designed specifically for a photographer that prefers a non-TTL workflow. This includes the recently released Ares II flash trigger, the Strato II multi wireless flash trigger and the Litemaster L-478DR-PX light meter from Sekonic.

Extra Ports for Extra Versatility
The Juno offers a host of enhancements normally reserved for higher priced speedlights. The body features a ¼"/20 mounting lug allowing photographers to mount the Juno horizontally, as well as a Canon¬compatible HV power port for external AA battery packs.

Backed by Strong Customer Support
Should the unforeseen occur Phottix is offering a 2 year warranty on the Juno Flash. Also, to insure minimal downtown Phottix will replace or repair a Juno quickly and easily via their service center in White Plains NY, unlike many other flash manufactures that require service to be done in Asia.
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