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Tips on Making YOUR Photos Better
by Fran Reisner


1) Focus is key. Most cameras today are “auto-focus” but that doesn‛t necessarily mean you can just point and shoot. If your camera has just one focus point aim it at the subject you want in focus, depress the button enough for the camera to focus and hold the button there while recomposing your image, and then depress the button the rest of the way.

Fran Reisner

2) Fill the frame. Most typical vacation pictures are too far from the subject. Move the subject(s) closer to the camera.

Fran Reisner

3) Get your horizons straight. This is most obvious with ocean scenes. Take time to make sure your horizon line is straight, and for better composition do not center the horizon top to bottom.

Fran Reisner

4) Composition is always improved when the subject is not perfectly centered in the image. The strongest composition is when the subject is placed off center to the right and low in the image, but be creative! In the example below the subjects are placed in the upper left of the image to include more of the stream and less of the bright, uninteresting background.

Fran Reisner

5) Go for a new perspective. Climb up on top of something and shoot down, or get low to the ground and shoot up. Changing your perspective adds interest to your image. The image above right was improved by simply squatting down rather than shooting from a normal eye level.

6) The use of flash is not limited to indoors. This is particularly helpful when photographing people outdoors in the bright sun. If the sun is not directly behind you (the photographer) then your subjects face will be at least partially in shadow. Turn your camera‛s flash on to add some light to the front of your subject.

Fran Reisner

7) In places where it is hot and humid it is best to acclimate your camera to the temperature. If you step outside of a cool building into hot, humid weather you can count on your lens fogging up just like your glasses do causing your pictures to be very diffused. Give your camera a little time to acclimate to the temperature and the fog will go away.

8) A quick, easy way to email your digital pictures to family and friends in the perfect size for them to view (sorry, this is for Windows users only): Simply right click on an image file (or highlight a group of images and right click on the entire group). Click on “send to” and then on “mail recipient”. When asked if you want to make images smaller click “OK” and Windows will take it from there. Add your recipients‛ address(es) and subject and hit “send”.

9) Back up your images! If you are shooting digital all it would take is a hard drive crash to lose all of your favorite family memories. It is very important that you back up your image files to CD, DVD or a separate hard drive.

10) If all else fails, read your manual. In fact, that‛s really where you should start.

Fran Reisner, a national award winning photographer, has a passion for capturing the beauty of this world in her images. She has always been drawn by the light, captivated by how it touches… whether delicately or dramatically… everything around us, creating dimension, enhancing texture, and bringing color to life. Blessed with a vision, her art brings the world to us as evocative studies of light and shadow.

Fran is best known locally for the innovative style of her portrait photography. She brings out a sense of warmth and sensitivity in these portraits, creating storytelling images… always delightful to the eye, as well as the heart and soul.

Utilizing this talent, Fran has established a successful portrait business in the studio she designed and built on her residential property in Frisco Texas. She credits her success to focusing on quality instead of quantity, the personalized attention she gives to her clients, and the undeniable passion she has for her trade.

Fran has been honored with her Photographic Master and Craftsman degrees, is an international speaker, and has been awarded three times as Dallas Photographer of the Year.

Click here to download a printable version of Tips on Making YOUR Photos Better.
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