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Light Writing
by Tom Hussey


The instructions that came with the Box Brownie said, “put the sun to your back, push the button and we do the rest.” Light is a photographer’s paint. As a photographer you are capturing light. It is important to see where the light is and see how you want to use it. You can follow the instructions that come with the camera but I think it is more fun to shoot into the sun and let the light flare. Let it come in hard from the side. You will be amazed at how the shadows play a part in your photograph.

Images Using Natural Light

Indoors, artificial lighting allows you to use more than one light source. When you start working with studio lighting, try to mimic natural lighting. Once you feel comfortable with that, break away from it. You will begin to expand from what is natural and make the changes based on logic. For every light that you add, you not only introduce a highlight, but also a shadow. Be aware of that. Brightening up a spot may not be solving a problem but adding a problem. Look at the light. Does it make sense?

Images Using Artificial Light

The big thing that keeps me interested in making photographs is the amazing ability to permanently fix an image, made purely with light, for others to experience. I think it is important that photographers at all levels look . . . really look . . . at light. Notice how it defines objects, buildings, people, everything. Use light and use it in ways that are not necessarily expected. Photographers get caught up in the technical aspects of photography and forget about their medium — light.

“Every other artist begins with a blank canvas, a piece of paper. The photographer begins with the finished product.” Edward Steichen

TOM HUSSEY Photography is a full service studio specializing in commercial advertising photography stills, motion, video, and interactive media. You can see portfolios on the website www.TOMHUSSEY.com or give them a call 214.741.4034.

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