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  Fall Photo Tips  

Fall is a favorite time to venture into the great outdoors with your camera in hand.  In many parts of the country the landscape is often filled with brilliant yellow, blazing orange and fiery red. In Texas, we have a relatively short season of autumn leaf color, so we must be resourceful and seek out the beautiful shades of fall in some unexpected places.  You may be able to improve your fall photographs by simply following a few of our tips.

Lighting plays an important role in successfully capturing an autumn scene. For the best natural lighting, always try to avoid taking your photos in the middle of the day.  The harsh midday light tends to wash out the depth of every color and make your resulting images pale and dull. If you have people in your photographs, the midday light also serves to create unflattering facial light with deep shadows in all the wrong places. Choose to take your photographs in the early morning or late afternoon light and youíll be pleased with the nice sense of warmth and color in your images.

As our days grow cooler and the angle of the sun changes, the sky also seems to gain a more intense shade of blue that it lacks during the summer months. Try to include the sky in some of your fall photos. The contrast of the beautiful blue with the warm colors of the autumn leaves will give you a wonderful result.

When you find a tree with some colorful autumn leaves, try to photograph it from underneath or at an angle where the sun will backlight the foliage. This can really make the colors appear more intense.  Also, instead of taking a photo of the entire tree, you might want to get close enough to focus in on one particular part and capture the many gorgeous details of nature.

Living in Texas, sometimes we have a season when there just isnít an abundance of brilliant fall color. Simply be creative and look for autumnís glory to show itself in places other than the usual trees. We have several beautiful public gardens in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that offer glorious photo opportunities for colorful flowers, shrubs and berries. You might also want to check out the local farmers markets and produce stands for great shots of pumpkins, gourds, ornamental corn and veggies.

Weíve waited a long time for the cool weather and great color. Letís have some fun with it! When photographing family and friends, try to take active candid shots to record the dayís events. During an afternoon of yard work your kids might not be able to resist jumping into your carefully raked piles of leaves or throwing them up into the air. You might catch your pet in a particularly playful mood outside in the cooler air. Or you might shoot a photograph of someone dear to you just walking down a trail. Capturing these special moments gives more meaning to all your treasured photographs.

Most of all we would like to encourage you to just get out there and take lots of pictures. Have fun with your camera. Try something different. With experience youíll gain a greater understanding of what your camera can do, how lighting and composition affect your finished photos and how to be more creative! Enjoy the fall!  

Click here to download a printable version of Fall Photo Tips.

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