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Creative Approach
by Brian Braun


After reading the Arlington Camera Photo Tips, there is so much great information. There is nothing I can really add to any of them because they are all written by great experts. My contribution to this distinguished list would be on the subject of creativity. YES, Photographers should be skilled in the Technical aspects (exposure, lighting, etc.), but should be skilled as well in their Creative Approach. So here is my low down (opinion) on how I creatively approach a subject/shoot. Maybe your photography is for fun, spontaneous, or even a planned production. Most of my shoots are planned, but please don't limit your creativity to a calendar schedule.

When approaching anything, I try and think of something new, different, and iconic. That Different, yet memorable, shot that will fully capture the "spirit/mood" of what you want to shoot. Example: Jets. They are sleek, beautiful, expensive, huge . . . so complement them accurately! Give jets the drama they deserve for cutting the sky at 500 mph! They’re only available at the low cost of 20+ million dollars. Go for the personality of the subject. Not just "making them look good."

Whatever your photo is, challenge yourself. Don't get so abstract that only you know what it is in the end, but challenge yourself. Try new things. Lighting, Angles, Lenses, Crops, Depth of Field, BW, Color. DO IT! If you’re working for a client, listen to them but try giving them some different options and possibilities. All they can say is “no”, and then you’re right back where you originally started. (Don’t forget to keep in mind who is boss, though.)

If you have the luxury of time on your hands, like with a scheduled shoot or production, it is so great to research (OBSESS) about the subject. If you’re shooting a band, look at all the band shots you can. Inspire yourself, but don't overwhelm yourself. Don't forget to BE YOU! Don't copy somebody. Draw out ideas for sets and lighting. If you can see where you will be shooting beforehand, that will help you a great deal to VISUALIZE.

Brian Braun

To me the creative process is almost like a muscle. Keep it moving and building. When the time comes you'll be able to see things that others can't. Here is my list of some of the things I do. We are limited only by our imagination.

• Create your own world.
• Get around people that are better than you...iron sharpens iron.
• Turn your camera on BW.
• Spend time alone.
• Be still.
• Explore.
• Listen.
• Try a new creative outlet.
• Go to the wrong side of town.
• Go to the right side of town.
• Get out of town.
• Go in to town.
• Get lost.
• Have fun.
• Do something random.
• Do something kind unexpected.
• Talk to a stranger.
• Make your own list.

I hope this helps you. I know some of this may not sound applicable to your photography, but the people that get noticed are the ones that are creative, and different. Once you learn the technical sides of photography, you'll be able to unleash your imagination. Keep exploring.


Brian BraunMy name is Brian Braun. I'm a photographer that specializes in primarily advertising and commercial imagery, but I definitely enjoy other sides though, from bands, to fashion, to high end portraits. I was born and raised in Dallas....and I love taking photographs.

website: BrianBraun.net
blog: http://braunsworld.blogspot.com/
twitter: twitter.com/thebraun

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