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  Troubleshooting Tips
by Arlington Camera Staff

There are so many situations in photography where you never get a second chance to capture memories of the treasured moments in your life. We’d like to offer you some troubleshooting advice in a question and answer format that will hopefully be of great help to you.


1. Question: What kind of equipment do I need to get good quality photos from far away, like at a graduation ceremony?

Answer: “A zoom telephoto lens will be the best equipment to use for the job. It will bring distant objects closer to you and help you capture more detail. I would personally suggest a 70-300mm lens. This particular lens offers a great focal length for photojournalism type photos.” Xavier DeLaPaz, Manager

2. Question: I have a good lens for distance photos, but the auditorium where I’ll take the photos is poorly lit and my flash will never because everything will be so far away. What should I do?

Answer: “Set your camera’s ISO to its highest setting. Also, set the camera to an action/sports mode or set the aperture priority mode and set the lens aperture to its widest opening (smallest f/ number). This will give you the highest possible shutter speed for your lighting conditions. As you’re taking your photos, keep an eye on the shutter speed – it should be at least 125. The pictures may be a little grainy or noisy, but at least you’ll get the shot you want.” Paul Pappas, Sales & Data System Specialist

3. Question: We’re attending a church wedding this month and I’d love to take some photos with my point and shoot camera. Cameras are allowed, but no flash photography. How can I get the best possible photos?

Answer: “First, you’ll need to turn off your camera’s flash, if possible. Then, use a monopod or tripod to steady the camera. Always sit on the center aisle so you can lean out just a little when you take the photo and not have people’s heads in the way. Remember, a wedding is a once in a lifetime event and above all you don’t want to be a disruption during the ceremony.” Bill Porter, Owner

4. Question: At family gatherings we always try to take some big group photos outside. I’ve noticed that in a lot of them either everyone is squinting or there are really dark shadows in the place of everyone’s eyes. Any suggestions to make these family photos turn out better?

Answer: “The time of day you choose to take your outdoor pictures is a very important factor. Photos taken during the middle of the day when the bright sun is high above the subject’s head produce the negative results you’re experiencing. Ideally, the sun should be at a 45 degree angle to the subject’s face for the most flattering lighting. This will also help you avoid those harsh shadows. To achieve this beautiful lighting effect simply plan your photo sessions to be about 1 ½ hours after sunrise in the morning or before sunset in the evening. This should help you get the beautiful family photos you will treasure forever.” Angela Porter
5. Question: Over and over I try to get natural looking smiles when I’m taking pictures of the kids. But what I always end up with are those fake grins, especially from my five year old. Help!

Answer: “I’ve got great news for you! There are several cameras available today that have a wonderful feature called “face detection” or “smile detection.” These cameras take three consecutive shots assuring at least one or more great smiles. What I’ve done with my grandson, was to familiarize him with the camera at an early age, even letting him take some shots while I held the camera. This makes children more at ease and act naturally.” Betty Johnson, Customer Service

Click here to download a printable version of Troubleshooting Tips.

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